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Basic Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Roroentrance 1.PNG
RoRo entrance for a 2-lane ML. s_m_w Notice that trains on both lanes can access all platforms

Ballenced Pre-signal Bypass Entry.png
Balanced Presignal Bypass Station thomashauk A combination of the two above, the diagonal lines in avoid sharp corners. Notice the PBS for the balancer and the room left for queuing.

Roroeexit 1.PNG
RoRo exit for a 2-lane ML. Notice that trains from each platform can enter each ML. Also they have a complete TL before the "X" so that a train can always leave the station properly before it may stop again planetmaker Public Server game #89

Pre Basic.png
Pre Basic Pre-signal Terminus Station

KenjiE20 Very low throughput

PBS Basic.png
PBS Basic PBS-signal Terminus Station
Note the lack of signals on platforms, PBS takes care of that automatically

KenjiE20 Moderate throughput

PBS Non Ideal.png
PBS Mildly complex Multi-line Terminus Station
NOT recommended under normal circumstances, but when space/money/Terra-forming is an issue this can be a good stop-gap
Note use of only diagonals to avoid blocking from crossing trains

Thijs --TBC Should set path_backoff_interval=1 or 2 if you use this

PBS alternating.png
PBS A highly flexible Single or Multi-line Terminus Station
Can be fit around the landscape with relative ease

Unknown (Various) Moderate/High throughput

Psg106 farm.png
Osai Terminus Typical terminus without an X. Osai Download PSG #106

Psg186 towndrop03.png
2way eol An extremely simple drop station to build. Has no balancing but can have any amount of platforms while keeping maximum throughput. Braking spaces in front of platforms are essential. V453000, ralph Download PSG #186

Psg196 PBScombination.png
PBS + 2way signals A relatively simple yet interesting station using PBS and pre-signals. The PBS is used on the first split to make it not ask whether platforms are full, but whether spaces in front of PBS are empty. The PBS was required because the right choice would not fit a TL3 inside so the half tile PBS provided was needed. V453000, intexon Download PSG #196

Psg198 pickup09.png
Combo signal X-less terminus Osai's station copied in psg 198. It has a big disadvantage of using multiple combo signals for one block thus is possible to block if two trains go to the same destination. Osai Download PSG #198

Psg208 overflow.png
Basic overflow Very simple to build overflow useful for small primary pickups which gained it's popularity very quickly for being small and simple. V453000 Download PSG #209

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