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Pickup Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg193 BRIDGES.png
Fail-safe This station uses the same logic as fail-safe joiners do. Making combo multiple combo signals leading to 1 signal block not break. As a result, it looks .. well ... this way. ;D V453000 Download PSG #193

Psg197 solidspickup.png
Overflow An overflow with side detection of waiting bays and most notably with an escape route for lost trains. (when a lost train gets to the overflow, it would not see a path out through the terminus station and would stay stuck in the overflow forever, eventually would get hungry and die) V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg197 southpickup.png
Overflow Overflow based on detecting platforms. Also featuring an escape route for lost trains. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg204 BRIDGES.png
Overflow A pickup station with quite an advanced overflow. NO, it is not presignal bypass! This combo signal arrays always checks if there is a train going to a platform and if the eventual platform is free. If there is a train, it is possible that this train would go to any other platform down the line and the overflow is not released. If there is no train but the waiting bay is full, the combo signals move onto checking the next waiting bay. V453000 Download PSG #204

Psg210 goodspickup.png
Balanced station A standard powerful balanced station. XeryusTC Download PSG #210

Psg219 steelpickup.png
Overflow A bit special overflow on a balanced station. Using block pre-signals to give some priority to the incoming trains which have PBS. V453000 Download PSG #219

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