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  • ...s trains is that their pathfinding is extremely unpredictable as even 2way eol can easily break. File:SRNW_180trap.png|Pathfinder traps neccesary to make 2way eol work with orderless trains.
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  • ...nctionary|03.12.2009|[[Image:psg186_towndrop03.png|center|140px|]]|'''2way eol'''|An extremely simple drop station to build. Has no balancing but can have ...nary|03.12.2009|[[Image:psg196_PBScombination.png|center|140px|]]|'''PBS + 2way signals'''|A relatively simple yet interesting station using PBS and pre-si
    4 KB (499 words) - 00:31, 16 February 2012
  • plays a key role in this station. Trains try to join a platform and the 2way signals divert them if the platform is full. |{{User|unknown}}|{{PublicServ ...75_drop.png|center|140px|]]|'''2wayeol in V shape'''|A terminus using 2way eol, having balanced exit and being in a special shape. |{{User|V453000}}|{{Pub
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  • ...ever the most interesting thing on this station is the exit. Using PBS and 2way entry signals helps trains decide which line to choose without unnecessary
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  • ...hile they will never be able to join the line anyway, we used PBS and 2way eol so that the trains tried to join the line if there was at least a small cha
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