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  • At our Public Server, new players have the chance to learn the basic concepts of cooperative gameplay * New players will get some tutorial guidance by active players of #openttdcoop,
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  • == New Votesystem == ...rily choose the players' favorite option, so this page is for developing a new votesystem.
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  • This Page is used to start new votes or do votes. Please read the [[PublicServer:Archive_-_Vote_-_Instructions | voting instructions]] before posting.
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  • ...t game aspects. Don't forget to title and sign it, as well as to add it to voting board if one is there already. ...constructive comments, be patient for more plans to appear, and wait until voting is finished. It is quite common for the planning phase to take a long time
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  • ...lasts until there is a clear winner, either by obvious vote count, or, if voting is close after a long time, declared by common agreement between active mem ...e development.)<br />This stage lasts until an archive entry is made and a new game is picked, agreed on and uploaded and the server updated.
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  • |description=In the planning phase were made many plans but voting ended up with everyone-voted-for-one. Osai made a plan called "City Game". as the copper mines were the only industries still alive after the long voting phase. Most of the problem were the huge stations which proved that SRNW sh
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