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  • ...imes when building the [[Mainline|main line]], [[Sideline|side line]] or a station you come across some [[User:Mfb/Towns|towns]]. Sometimes you have to remove ...'Very Good''' or better start with removing some buildings like a football station, church or offices. These all need a rating of Very good or better. Removin
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  • * bad builder (usage of station walk, massive terraforming, low station ratings, train jams) [total sum of ratings by all judges] / [number of judges] = FINAL RATING
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  • ...stations, and then transferring that cargo at an ICE (Inter-City Express) station, where the cargo is loaded onto another train for delivery to a remote loca ...the trains will load any available cargo before travelling back to the ICE station.
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  • ...sure to a) transport ALL cargo from primaries and secondaries, b)Keep high ratings at stations and c)Max production at primaries. To reach this goal it was d ...rains and some nice SRNW stations, such as SRNW Transfer and some new srnw station designs.
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