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*{{User|Kommer|nl}} '''(Admin)'''
*{{User|Mucht|at}} '''(Admin)'''
*{{User|Mucht|at}} '''(Admin)'''

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Active Members of #openttdcoop [17]

Note: Admins have shell access to our servers, all others have rcon access

Honorary Members of #openttdcoop [3]

  • Brianetta uk.gif (our amiable host who is responsible for making #openttdcoop to such a vital community it is today) (Admin)
  • Phoenix the II nl.gif (our host for the most busy PublicServer, thanks to him, we don't need to finish a game, because of the server limits.)
  • TrueLight nl.gif (for being a bugfixer over ... a long time ;-) )

Currently Inactive Members of #openttdcoop [8]

The usual suspects around the Public Server [32]

And of course all the others above!

Exsuspects [53]

If you are on the ex-suspects list and you start playing again, please move yourself up to the suspects list ! If you are still active and on the ex-suspects list, sorry for the moving :) we sometimes cannot find an IRC log of you while you are still active

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