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Draft for the Coopetition

Mucht's Idea

The term Coopetition stands for the idea of bringing a competitional challenge into our cooperative gameplay.

The basic idea:

  • Two players team up and play versus another team.
  • A dedicated server will be set up for this challenge - besides the 4 players, only visitors are allowed
  • The game will begin at a previousely settled date/time.
  • The playing time is limited to 2 hours.
  • Each team may use a voicecom like Ventrilo or Skype to improve its communication.
  • A random map will be played.
  • In the end, the train income matters.

The idea for the Coopetition-League:

  • If there are 4 teams, a league can start.
  • Each team plays against each other as mentioned above - there will be 6 games then.
  • In the end of each game, a "win-ratio" will be calculated:

<math> \frac{MY_TRAIN_INCOME}{OTHER_TRAIN_INCOME} </math> As an example: your income was 100.000, the other's 80.000 - so you won the game. Your "win-ratio" is 1.25, the other's ratio is 0.8.

  • For the league table, these ratios will added up or multiplied (with adding up the league could get a bit closer)

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