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See the history for changes since Version 1.

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If you find some issues, please post them to discussion page, specially the orders and dependencies. If you like to update a GRF or adding a new one, please visit Talk:GRF and edit.


Trains / Wagons

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
ca.gif Canadian Trainset v0.3c Cansetw.grf Readme User Guide - tracktypecostdiff r98 Dan MacKellar, uzurpator, mnorman, NS37, Born Acorn, ISA, lifeblood, OzTransLtd., Cornelius
cz.gif CSDSet v1.5.0 RC1 csdseto.grf
de.gif DB Set v0.82 XL dbsetxlw.grf Readme - DB Set XL ECS extension Michael Blunck
Eyecandy empty engine v0.2 empty.grf r51 LordAzamath
jp.gif Japan Set v1.0 japansetw.grf should be loaded with Narrow Gauge GPL
no.gif MX-3000 mx3k.grf Addon to Norwegian Trainset 7of9, FooBar
no.gif Norwegian Trainset v0.4b nsbsetw.grf User Guide - tracktypecostdiff fire87, Born Acorn, DanMacK, Hovering Teacup, Kruz, OzTransLtd, Purno, Singaporekid, ThorRune, ThePerson
ca.gif us.gif North American Renewal Set pb_nars.grf DanMacK, PikkaBird
uk.gif UK Renewal Train Set v3.04 pb_ukrs.grf Parameter = 0 3 0 PikkaBird, DanMacK
uk.gif UK Renewal Train Set Add-ons v3.04 ukrsap1w.grf PikkaBird, DanMacK, Singaporekid
sr.gif Serbian narrow gauge rail set srsngw.grf needs Narrow Gauge Parameter = 4 - Readme GPL / Wile E. Coyote, Purno, Singaporekid, Colonel32, Sanchimaru, Lakie, DaleStan, Patchman, George, Death, PikkaBird, lifeblood, Siema, Marek, damir661, Michael Blunck
sr.gif Serbian standard gauge rail set srssgw.grf GPL / Wile E. Coyote, Purno, Singaporekid, Colonel32, Sanchimaru, Lakie, DaleStan, Patchman, George, Death, PikkaBird, lifeblood, Siema, Marek, damir661, Michael Blunck
Tropic Refurbishment Set v0.3c troprsw.grf uzurpator, PikkaBird, Death
us.gif US Train Set v0.87.3 ussetw.grf Readme - usset-ecs-adapter.grf for ECS support r94 GPL

Road vehicles

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
Long vehicles v4 (07-09-07) 4LVw.grf George, Greyfur, Wile E. Coyote, DanMacK
Generic Road Vehicle Set v1.0 grvts.grf r51 Richard Wheeler (Zephyris)
uk.gif HOVS UK Bus Set pb_hovs_bus.grf PikkaBird
Refit default rvs to new cargos refit_rvs.grf r72 PaulC
sr.gif Serbian road vehicles. Trucks and buses srvttw.grf Wile E. Coyote, George


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
cz.gif CSTramSet v0.1 cstramsetw.grf greyfur, Marek, zerr0, ufoun (
nl.gif Dutch Tram Set r15 DutchTramSetW_r15.grf The Dutch Tramset Team (Rendall, Bastiaan, Foobar)
Generic Tram Set v0.4 generictrams_v0.32.grf r45 Richard Wheeler (Zephyris)
de.gif German Tram Set v0.4.2 gertramsw.grf Roland Kahlert, Bernhard Stock, Pierre Demhold, Michael Blunck
jp.gif Hiroshima Trams hirotram_w_987.grf ToniBabelony, stevenh
Modern Tram Set r3 moderntramset.grf r45 karlneil, FooBar
sr.gif Serbian road vehicles. Trams set srvtbw_697.grf Wile E. Coyote, Purno, PikkaBird, DaleStan, Patchman, Prebral, Hydronymus, Bart, Nikola, Crotram
uk.gif UK Tram Set TASTER r39M ukts_r1.grf Gavin Dowland, Ben_K, peter1138


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
NewShips newshipsw.grf Michael Blunck
Shiptool v4 shiptoolv4.grf needs to be loaded as last r42 thgergo


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
Aviators Aircraft (av8) v1.331 pb_av8w.grf PikkaBird
Planeset 1.5.3 PlaneSetw.grf GPL
ru.gif Russian Planeset beta 2 rusplanesottd.grf addons: Tupolev-204 (tu204_gr.grf), Boeing787 (787_8_s7_gr.grf), Sukhoi SuperJet-100 (superjet100_gr.grf) r97/r100 Grigory


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
City Stations ae_cityw.GRF Aegir, Singaporekid, Purno
Rural Stations ae_ruraw.GRF Aegir, Astath, Arte Pro34, Cornelius, DanMacK
Surburban Stations ae_subuw.GRF Aegir, Arte Pro34, Cornelius
Basic Platforms Set basic_platformsw.grf GPL / Aegir, Cornelius
Brick Freight Stations brickfreightw.GRF Aegir, Born Acorn
Genereric bufferstops v0.1 buffers.grf CCPL / Born Acorn, peter1138
ca.gif Canadian Stations Set v0.3d canstnw.grf Quick Guide r74 lifeblood, Oz, OzTransLtd.
nl.gif Dutch station set (07-08-26) dutchstatw.grf Caelan, Jezulkim, Purno, Zimmlock, XeryusTC
Container freight station and harbor harbourw_456.grf Oracle
Industrial Stations Renewal v0.6.0 indstatrw.grf Readme r102 Sanchimaru, Oz, norfolksouthern37, Zimmlock, Ben_K, Born Acorn, mph, Arte Pro 34, Maedhros, mart3p, Oracle
Industrial Stations Set v0.98 jcindstaw.grf GPL
jp.gif Japanese Stations v1.0 jpstatsw.grf GPL / Death, Sanchimaru
Modern Suburban Stations modernsuburbanw.GRF GPL / Aegir, Arte Pro 34
NewStations v0.42 newstatsw.grf Michael Blunck
UK Waypoints Set v1.1 ukwaypointsw.grf CCPL / Born Acorn, peter1138
us.gif US Stations Set v0.86 usstatsw.grf GPL

Town Buildings

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
jp.gif Japan Set Buildings jpset_bldw.GRF GPL / Sanchimaru, Zimmlock, Szappy, gl2, Aegir
ca.gif us.gif North American City Set v0.1c NACityw.grf r44 Oz, lifeblood, OzTransLtd. (others from TT-Forums)
Party Square partysquare.grf WWOTTDGD AntB
Street Lights streetlights.grf WWOTTDGD lordazamath
Toll Booth v0.2 Toll_booth_v0.2.grf WWOTTDGD r51 lordazamath
Total Town Replacement Set v3.02a ttrs3w.GRF Csaboka, George, the, Oz, Red*Star, Purno, Pikkabird and Zimmlock

Industries / Cargos

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
ECS: Agricultural vector beta 3 ECSAgriw.grf Download r43 George, MHz, Raven, Wile E. Coyote, Michael Platov, Lifeblood, DanMacK, Oz, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
ECS: Basic vector beta 4 ECSBasicw.grf Download r43 George, Zimmlock, Tomas Kubes, Patrick, Michael Blunck, AgRiG, Wile E. Coyote
ECS: Basic vector for tropic alpha 1 ECSBasTrw.grf Download r43 George, Wile E. Coyote, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
ECS: Chemicals vector alpha 1 ECSChemw.grf Download r43 George, MHz, Raven, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
ECS: Construction vector alpha 1 ECSConstw.grf Download r43 George, MHz, 447, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
ECS: Construction vector by Pikka alpha 1 ECSCPikkw.grf Download r43 Pikkabird, George
ECS: Machinery vector beta 4 ECSMachw.grf Download r43 George, Lifeblood, Oz, Prebral, Michael Blunck, AgRiG, Zimmlock, Wile E. Coyote
ECS: Machinery vector for tropic alpha 1 ECSMacTrw.grf Download r43 George, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
ECS: Town vector beta 4 ECSTownw.grf Download (needs to be first ECS vector) r43 George, Zimmlock, Oz, Sanchimaru, Csaboka, Michael Blunck, AgRiG, Wile E. Coyote, SAC
ECS: Wood vector beta 4 ECSWoodw.grf Download r82 George, dmh_mac, MHz, Raven, Michael Blunck, AgRiG
NewCargo Set V0.12 newcargow.grf needs to be after DBSetXL Michael Blunck
Pikka's Basic Industries v1.2 pikkindw.grf PikkaBird
UKRS Industries Brick Chain v1.2 pikbrikw.grf needs PBI loaded before PikkaBird


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
BK Tunnel Set v0.3b BKTunw.grf PDF Readme r41 Ben Kings, OzTransLtd.
Cantilever Bridge Renewal 1.1 cantilever11w.grf Support for narrow gauge! + Usable with newbridges v0.41 Thgergo
Combined Roadset v0.10 combroadw.grf Jeroen Otto, Lakie, Purno, Szappy, RobC, PikkaBird
New Depots 2.1 dep2.1w.GRF Gavin Dowland
nl.gif Dutch Catenary dutchcatw.grf Purno
Foundations replacement foundw_209.grf Ameecher, XeryusTC
jp.gif Japanese Signals v0.2 jpsignalsw.grf left-hand traffic r96 Sanchimaru, uzurpator, onodera, dandan
ca.gif us.gif North American Roads Set v0.8b NARoadsw.grf PDF User Guide, Quick Guide r83 lifeblood, Oz, OzTransLtd., Skidd13, DanMack, CharlieMTA, TT-Forums
New bridges v0.41 newbridgesW.GRF Purno, Szappy, Prof. Frink, gl2
Grey Cantilever Bridge Renewal 07-06-18 newcantiw.grf no roadset/railset support + Usable with newbridges v0.41 if this is placed after it Thgergo
New monorails 05-08-22 NewMonorailMrHuntW.grf Mr. Hunt, Marcel, George
New Tram Tracks v0.4.1 newtramtracksw_v0.4.1.grf needs to be before Roadsets Readme FooBar, PikkaBird
Narrow Gauge Rails v0.93 ngrailsw.grf Readme r45 Cornelius
Expensive, Short and Slow Bridges pb_bridg.grf PikkaBird
Modified Building Costs pb_build.grf PikkaBird, DanMacK
Brick Viaduct pb_viaduct.grf PikkaBird
cz.gif CS Railroad tracks v1.3 rail-cs-ottd.grf
de.gif Light-rail/Tramtracks tramtrkw.grf Roland Kahlert, Pikkabird
Total Bridge Renewal Set test_version #3 total_bridges.grf r95 Purno, Zimmlock, Andrex, Marcel, Thgergo, Pikkabird
Standard Gauge Tram Tracks tramtsgw.grf Pikkabird
TransRapid Tracks Bridge transrapidbridge2.grf belongs to TransrapidTrackSet r58 thgergo
TransRapid Track Set r1 TransrapidTrackSetw_r1.grf r47 FooBar, Zephyris


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
AlpineClimate V0.21 alpinew.grf Readme Michael Blunck
jp.gif Japan Set Landscape jpset_lndw.GRF Readme GPL / Szappy, Aegir
jp.gif Japan Set Trees jpset_trew.grf Readme GPL / Sanchimaru, Szappy, Aegir
New water v0.7 newwaterw.grf r38 lepkka
Rivers 0.1 riversw.grf Readme r46 Michael Blunck
Smooth snow transition smoothsnoww.grf r73 Addi
Stolen Trees stolentreesw_162_108.grf SAC, Aegir
Temperate Snow Tiles tempsnow.grf WWOTTDGD r75 Leviath.NL


(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
Aircraft Mod v2.0beta basecosts.grf former airmod.grf Ammler
Fix TTD grf bugs debugw.grf r73 Addi
OpenGFX pack v0.0.2 OpenGFX - ... Readme r53 Zephyris, LordAzamath, Soeb, Leppka, Skidd15, Buttercup, DJNekkid/7of9, Athanasios, Foobar, Red*Star, mph, Purno, DanMack, Prissi, Trond, Uzurpator, Roujin, thgergo, Raumkraut, Bubersson
Toyland to Mars convertion Toyland2MarsW.grf Bonus (T2MarsBonusW.grf) r101 George

Town names

(Table sorted by filename)

Name Filename Details Status License/Author
ak.gif Alaskan Town Names alsk_names.grf town_name = 21 r85 PaulC
uk.gif British Town Names v2.1 brit_names.grf town_name = 21 r85 PaulC
ca.gif Canadian Town Names v0.9b CaNames.grf town_name = 21: O Canada (te/ar) 22: Rocky Mountain Plains (ar) 23: Golden Horseshoe (te) 24: La belle province (te) 25: Maritimer Bys (te) 26: Malamute Madness (tr) r85 wallyweb, OzTransLtd.
ee.gif Estonian town names est3.grf town_name = 21 r85 LordAzamath
de.gif German Town Name Set 1.0 germantowns.grf town_name = 21 r85 Uwe Domaratius
jp.gif Japanese Town names jpset_namw.GRF town_name = 21 r85 Szappy, Aegir
sa.gif South African Town Names sa_names.grf town_name = 21 r85 PaulC
es.gif Spanish Town Names spn_nmsw.grf town_name = 21 r85 Death, Sanchimaru
cymru.gif Welsh Town Names welshnames.grf town_name = 21 r85 PaulC
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