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Logic and Other
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It is hard to describe logic shortly since it's very purpose is to do something extra. In this section can be found mechanisms and thingies that usually control trains somehow, and thus improve how our network works. Although there are for sure even cases that are completely useless like train counters.

Logic and other constructions (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional

Train Length Sorter Sorts trains by their length. In this example trains longer than 5 cars (or 2 tiles) will be sorted via the penalty, those of 5 cars or less through the non-penalty line. this is useful when trains of varying type use a station, and some platforms are shorter than others. It can also be used at junctions where there are two options of track, to move shorter trains onto a loop with tighter turns. Finally it may be used to seperate main line trains from local trains (assuming different train lengths). A local train may be forced onto a longer, slower loop to allow mainline trains to pass. Audigex, original credit unknown.

Psg121 MarkClock.png
Advanced Timer An advanced timer which works with a certain cycle. Once the dummy train finishes the cycle, a train is released by the timer. However this has one crucial condition - if a train overflows, the whole cycle is cancelled and the counting starts again. Mark Download PSG #121

Psg131 Compressor.png
Train packing The so called compressor. Waits until a few trains are ready to go and then releases them very close together, allowing trains further down the line join. Mark Download PSG #131

Psg180 flipflop.png
Flipflop A typical flipflop splitting trains into 6 directions equally. V453000 Download PSG #180

Psg196 counter.png
Counter A mechanism which counts how many trains have passed a certain spot. Completely useless for the network. HDIEagle Download PSG #196

Psg200 comparer.png
Counter/comparer This array of stations had a special overflow which counted which station gets the least amount of trains and released trains to that. Therefore there are logic mechanisms which count how many trains have passed (based on Mark's clock) and a mechanism which says which station had gotten X trains as the last one. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg203 sparta.png
Long train abuse This mechanism is meant to pack looong trains in just 3x3. It is very slow due to the effective more than 1xTL signal gap. V453000 Download PSG #203

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