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Old Sideline Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Quigley & Co., 5. Mai 1975.png
T "Fit-in-a-landscape"-SLH. It is a SLH since we didn't build real Mainlines for cargo routes in this game. This SLH is small but leaves enough waiting space in every direction. Mucht Swiss Inc. in the Archive

ClaustroTransport, 3. Jul 2117 -1.png
T Nice SLH. Notice the absence of Loadbalencers but the implementation of Prioritizers. Large but fast. The X-Crossing in the bottom left corner is not good though. Doke & Gamer Download Savegame

ClaustroTransport, 3. Jul 2117.png
T Nice SLH because of the small size. Trains can take it on full speed but there is slightly too less waiting space which causes trains waiting on red signals may block other tracks as well. Also, this is unbalanced and unprioritized. hylje Download Savegame

ClaustroTransport, 3. Jul 2117 -2.png
T Easy to understand, easy to build, clean style and fast speed are the advantages here. No Loadbalancing/Priorisation. hylje Download Savegame

Gurkentransporte '04, 4. Aug 2181 -1.png
T This one was possibly not easy to build due to its geographical position up on a hill. It gives the Mainline traffic priorisation over the joining trains from the Sideline. Walle Download Savegame

Gurkentransporte '04, 4. Aug 2181.png
T Fully prioritized Mainline. piratejerk & Walle Download Savegame

Lewisworth Transport, 12. Dez 2055.png
4-way Long time ago, Xahodo built this 4-way SLH. Notice: this SLH is unbalanced. Xahodo Download Savegame

Coop and Co., 10th Nov 2015.png
4-way strstrep built this 4-way SLH to service most of the stations on the old moneymaker line in the game. Note that this SLH is unbalanced (no access to 2nd ML) strstrep Public Server Game #46 (not available yet)

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