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Basic Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Roroentrance 1.PNG
RoRo entrance for a 2-lane ML. s_m_w Notice that trains on both lanes can access all platforms

Ballenced Pre-signal Bypass Entry.png
Balanced Presignal Bypass Station thomashauk A combination of the two above, the diagonal lines in avoid sharp corners. Notice the PBS for the balancer and the room left for queuing.

Roroeexit 1.PNG
RoRo exit for a 2-lane ML. Notice that trains from each platform can enter each ML. Also they have a complete TL before the "X" so that a train can always leave the station properly before it may stop again planetmaker Public Server game #89

Pre Basic.png
Pre Basic Pre-signal Terminus Station

KenjiE20 Very low throughput

PBS Basic.png
PBS Basic PBS-signal Terminus Station
Note the lack of signals on platforms, PBS takes care of that automatically

KenjiE20 Moderate throughput

PBS Non Ideal.png
PBS Mildly complex Multi-line Terminus Station
NOT recommended under normal circumstances, but when space/money/Terra-forming is an issue this can be a good stop-gap
Note use of only diagonals to avoid blocking from crossing trains

Thijs --TBC Should set path_backoff_interval=1 or 2 if you use this

PBS alternating.png
PBS A highly flexible Single or Multi-line Terminus Station
Can be fit around the landscape with relative ease

Unknown (Various) Moderate/High throughput

Psg106 farm.png
Osai Terminus Typical terminus without an X. Osai Download PSG #106

Psg186 towndrop03.png
2way eol An extremely simple drop station to build. Has no balancing but can have any amount of platforms while keeping maximum throughput. Braking spaces in front of platforms are essential. V453000, ralph Download PSG #186

Psg196 PBScombination.png
PBS + 2way signals A relatively simple yet interesting station using PBS and pre-signals. The PBS is used on the first split to make it not ask whether platforms are full, but whether spaces in front of PBS are empty. The PBS was required because the right choice would not fit a TL3 inside so the half tile PBS provided was needed. V453000, intexon Download PSG #196

Psg198 pickup09.png
Combo signal X-less terminus Osai's station copied in psg 198. It has a big disadvantage of using multiple combo signals for one block thus is possible to block if two trains go to the same destination. Osai Download PSG #198

Psg208 overflow.png
Basic overflow Very simple to build overflow useful for small primary pickups which gained it's popularity very quickly for being small and simple. V453000 Download PSG #209

Drop Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg131 fruitdrop.png
2way eol The 2way eol feature plays a key role in this station. Trains try to join a platform and the 2way signals divert them if the platform is full. unknown Download PSG #131

Psg136 coaldrop.png
PBS semi-balancing This station looks very messy but due to the fact that it allows trains to choose from many paths, it works. It does not allow all trains go to all platforms though. Chris_Booth Download PSG #136

Psg142 wooddrop.png
Tunnel Exit In the exit of the station tunnels are used and another set of platforms is fit in there. This not only looks awesome but it also uses the tunnels as waiting space behind platforms for trains so the exit is faster. tneo Download PSG #142

Psg156 oildrop.png
2 sides This technically is quite a normal station. But the key difference is that it is halved and each part enters from one side, making the entrance much smaller and thus work much better. Farden Download PSG #156

Psg147 coaldrop.png
Symmetric Terminus Technically simple unbalanced terminus, visually a truly wonderful station. ODM Download PSG #147

Psg156 wooddrop.png
Unbalanced Terminus A nice terminus station in a cute shape. As it uses a single entrance signal, it uses penalties (the road crossings) to make trains prefer platforms which are far away from the first split aka the so called valhallasw style. ^Spike^ Download PSG #156

Psg170 packer.png
Packer Exit A special drop station featuring a packer based on using slow bridges to get trains in correct positions. Osai, ^Spike^, Phazorx, V453000 Download PSG #170

Psg175 drop.png
2wayeol in V shape A terminus using 2way eol, having balanced exit and being in a special shape. V453000 Download PSG #175

Psg177 RDC.png
Ultimate Mess An extremely messy station which actually worked which ended up being quite incredible. OwenS Download PSG #177

Psg184 oredrop.png
Balanced Station A balanced station with a bit atypical yet working entrance. XeryusTC Download PSG #184

Psg189 rubberdrop.png
Halved overflow A special station consisting of 2 parts. Trains try to pick a platform on their part and in case they fail they move to the other part. This station has a downside of problems with balancing and in this case was supported by flipflop logic. ^Spike^ Download PSG #189

Psg190 coaldrop.png
Reverser Exit The exit of this station is particularly interesting due to saving space by reversers. thgergo Download PSG #190

Psg195 towndrop.png
'2way eol Trains simply pass around 2ways, however in a nice shape. If they do not find a free platform, they just loop into another line. Intexon,V453000 Download PSG #195

Psg196 wooddrop.png
'Two-way station with loop entrance A bidirectional station where trains pass around waiting bays until they find one. And if they don't find one on the line they came from, they will try another line. V453000 Download PSG #196

Psg197 liquiddrop.png
Reverser Entrance This station uses reversers in station entrance. Note the need of PF trap to make trains "know" the path to station. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg197 mineraldrop.png
2 in 1 out Terminus This station is a bit different due to using 3-tile X while 2 tracks go in (from each incoming track one) and one track goes out. A nice and easy way how to simplify balancing a terminus station with 2 lines. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg200 boostdrop.png
Balanced station This station has a few interesting points. Aside from the fact that it is huge, it balances all 4 lines into double "X"s which forces it to also use a lot of bridges atop of tunnels.. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg204 steelmill.png
X-less Terminus One of the terminus stations which lacks the "X" many people fear. V453000 Download PSG #204

Psg206 coaldrop.png
Looping station This station is basically a normal 2way eol ro-ro but with the difference that trains which fail to find a platform try again on a different line which lets us use less platforms per line. V453000 Download PSG #206

Psg210 factory.png
Balanced Station One of the typical balanced stations with various exit techniques. XeryusTC Download PSG #210

Psg211 towndrop.png
2 platform rows The main point of this station is to have many platforms. Therefore very fitting to use in maglev games as seen in the picture. V453000, MrD2DG Download PSG #211

Drop unbalanced two-way.png
Unbalanced two-way drop This station is focussed on high throughput. By forcing trains in to the nearest platforms no pre-signals are needed. In this case penalties by road crossings are used in combination with two-way signals. Xotic750, V453000 Download PSG #219

Semi-balanced drop Sometimes it is just enough to make two 2 line entrance than a full balancing of 4 lines. Also note small signal gaps for high throughput. V453000 Download PSG #223

Pickup Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg193 BRIDGES.png
Fail-safe This station uses the same logic as fail-safe joiners do. Making combo multiple combo signals leading to 1 signal block not break. As a result, it looks .. well ... this way. ;D V453000 Download PSG #193

Psg197 solidspickup.png
Overflow An overflow with side detection of waiting bays and most notably with an escape route for lost trains. (when a lost train gets to the overflow, it would not see a path out through the terminus station and would stay stuck in the overflow forever, eventually would get hungry and die) V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg197 southpickup.png
Overflow Overflow based on detecting platforms. Also featuring an escape route for lost trains. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg204 BRIDGES.png
Overflow A pickup station with quite an advanced overflow. NO, it is not presignal bypass! This combo signal arrays always checks if there is a train going to a platform and if the eventual platform is free. If there is a train, it is possible that this train would go to any other platform down the line and the overflow is not released. If there is no train but the waiting bay is full, the combo signals move onto checking the next waiting bay. V453000 Download PSG #204

Psg210 goodspickup.png
Balanced station A standard powerful balanced station. XeryusTC Download PSG #210

Psg219 steelpickup.png
Overflow A bit special overflow on a balanced station. Using block pre-signals to give some priority to the incoming trains which have PBS. V453000 Download PSG #219

Combined Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg90 factory.png
Drop and pickup station Here goes a typical Mark station with X-less terminus and a _ton_ of eyecandy. Mark, Skasi Download PSG #90

Psg105 Gratfield.png
City station Wonderfully looking city station. Mark Download PSG #105

Psg141 MAT.png
Refit Station A very simple refit station. Combuster Download PSG #141

Psg151 MAT.png
PBS WTF This pax terminal is very interesting by providing as few colliding paths as possible. unknown Download PSG #151

Psg159 spoke05.png
Tunnel bypass This transfer station is special by the bypass for ML trains which is situated in tunnels under station. Combuster Download PSG #159

Psg164 OKA.png
Double X-less Terminus The one typical station for Mark. A terminus without X on the "main" side and the other station fitting into it. Awesome on the sight! Mark Download PSG #164

Psg186 WoodDrop.png
Refit Station The first refit station with cargo return - on separate platforms. V453000 Download PSG #186

Psg187 BEER.png
Reverser Exit, tunnel under station This station is trying to save space for towns by reversers in tunnels and tunneled exit from the station. V453000 Download PSG #187

Psg192 central.png
Space effectiveness This was a double-station where trains transferted at one, loaded at the other. As the game had gotten many lines, the main challenge was to put the station within 64 tiles of station spread. V453000 Download PSG #192

Psg197 WoodDropS.png
Refit Station A refit station with cargo return on the same platforms long TL+1, using the [near end] and [far end] orders. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg200 Transfer.png
Transfer station A terminus transfer station using a kind of X-less PBS entrance/exit.. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg200 RefitN.png
Refit Station A refit station with cargo return by TL+1 platforms and all platforms shared for all actions, be it drop, pickup or cargo return. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg201 BEER.png
Pax terminal A very special station using one ML underground and the station on the surface. Also note the extremely important message on it. V453000,mfb,sturmi Download PSG #201

Psg205 Drop03.png
Refit Station A very advanced refit station being not only balanced but also featuring cargo return by TL+1 platforms and mainly stac-proof depots. V453000 Download PSG #205

Psg211 fruitdrop.png
Merged pickup and drop Every 2 platforms swap being drop/pickup. Quite an interesting way how to make a station. V453000 Download PSG #211

Psg216 coaldrop.png
Merged pickup and drop First drop, then pickup. That is how this station works when trains pass around the 2way eol. However the most interesting thing on this station is the exit. Using PBS and 2way entry signals helps trains decide which line to choose without unnecessary waiting in waiting bays. Also note that each choice fork is made after just 3 platforms so the throughput of each fork is quite low. V453000 Download PSG #216

ICE station Special design to make one side of the station drop passengers to the town and the other side load them to the next town. Entry and exit from two directions.. LoPo Download PSG #221

Multiple pickup and drop Using one incoming line for all of the pickup platforms is not the sanest idea. However throwing drop platforms in the mix made it a bit easier as they made more space for the overflow logic for pickups. It still made for a bridge/tunnel madness. V453000 Download PSG #222

Special Stations (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg121 MarkStation.png
SRNW Station A nice SRNW station from the legendary psg 121. A so-called 3-bay SRNW station where dummy trains load, wait for other dummies to load, and then all dummies go to unload. The "waiting" part is usually solved by having 1TL waiting bay for those trains. However in this case it is smartly solved by using a NOT gate, effectively shortening the waiting bays to 1 tile. Mark Download PSG #121

Psg149 pbs.png
SRNW Station A SRNW station using PBS to release trains. Nickman Download PSG #149

Psg172 7platform.png
SRNW Dummy A NOT gated dummy SRNW station using platforms tightly together thanks to the mess on the exit. V453000 Download PSG #172

Psg180 sparta.png
SRNW PBS Dummy Not too complicated SRNW station as in system, but effective on space. Making many platforms just next to each other. It is wonderful to watch when all trains release together, but at the same time it is a bit painful to see the huge wave of trains flood the network. :) (psg180 had no issue with waves due to the flipflops fortunately) V453000 Download PSG #180

Psg180 simple.png
SRNW Dummy A very simple SRNW station with just a few 3-bay dummies and full-TL waiting bays. V453000 Download PSG #180

Psg200 SRNWtransfer.png
SRNW Transfer A transfer station fitting in SRNW network. After using some intense madness, it worked absolutely properly. Question is whether this amount of logic is worth it as the total throughput is not that stunning. V453000 Download PSG #200

Psg214 Vpet.png
SRNW Refit A SRNW quadruple station. Uses refit orders between quarters, dummy trains with NOT gates, Mark's clock for overflow injection. V453000 Download PSG #214

SRNW Transfer Station based on having 1 set of platforms used by both feeder and pickup trains. Each platform gets its own logic consisting of (only) 2 logic gates - NOT and a green->absolute red. Unfortunately requires huge amount of logic wires so making it small is an issue. V453000 Download PSG #223

SRNW Transfer A transfer station which counts trains using (insane amount of) binary logic. Unfortunately some trains manage to run away without loading. mfb Download PSG #223

PSG239 minicatzor SRNWtransfer.png
SRNW Transfer Yet another Self Regulating Transfer Station. The network trains are blocked by the reserved track by the feeder train - using PBS. Release then occurs when the feeder train reversed, and leaving the transfer station. With this mechanism, only a single logic "check" was needed to make this transfer working. Beside this, the station was also equipped with overflow depots for every cargo type. LoPo Download PSG #239

PSG239 doubleNot SRNW station.png
SRNW Station A SRNW station design with double Not-Gates. The first Not-Gate is to release the dummy trains - it will give a green signal when all dummy trains are loaded. This will then give a red signal to the second Not-Gate; which then releases the network trains. LoPo Download PSG #239

PSG239 new SRNW station.png
SRNW Station This new SRNW station design uses no Logic Gates, it uses some kind of cascade mechanism. The design is fully reliant on PBS. The first set of Path Signals make sure that the dummy trains block the network trains. The second set of Path Singals are needed to block the dummy trains, one for each other next to them, until all dummy trains are loaded. The last set of Path Signals is needed to block the dummy trains until they are all unloaded. When using this station, please make sure you really know how it works (it can break really easily), also it may occur that the last dummy loader is loaded at the same time as one of the others. This will also break the system, and thus meaning it needs expansion (the station will break if the production is to high for the dummy trains). LoPo Download PSG #239

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