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Our community #openttdcoop consists of three servers.

All persons with administrative rights should have a closer look to the Server Administration Guide

The Member Zone (MZ)

Feel free to watch us playing: search for the server name "#openttdcoop". There is no password needed to join as a watching client. Playing access (company password) is granted to all our members, see Membership for further details.

For a list of games which took place on our Member Zone, look at MemberZone:Archive

rcon on the Member Zone is granted to every member of #openttdcoop.

This server is now replaced by the ProZone.

The Public Server (PS)

If you heard of #openttdcoop and would like to make the first steps toward a membership in our community, simply read what you have to do at Membership and Public_Server. Feel free to join our community and play on our Public_Server.

For a list of games which took place on our Public Server, look at PublicServer:Archive

rcon on The Public Server is granted to every member of #openttdcoop.


Current configuration on this server: Public_Server_openttd.cfg

The Coopetition Server

Needed for our latest gametype, this server runs a nightly version of OpenTTD and is used for Coopetition Games only.

rcon to this server has every member of #openttdcoop and is passed on to teams in need of a server.

The "Dev Server"

Sometimes, we need a server for testing various patches and settings in order to support ongoing development or simply to prepare for upcoming games.

rcon on this Server is granted to every member of #openttdcoop.

The Special Server


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