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A ToDo List... hopefully not only for Dr. Osai :(
  • pollbar is screwed up :(
  • Adjust Public Server config (town roads, growth etc.) Osai 16:33, 3 June 2007 (UTC)
    • Suggestion: town_layout = 4 (3x3), town_growth_rate = 1 (slow) -> depense on plan, you can change it like town_layout = 0 (no selfbuilding) or town_growth_rate=4 (very fast)
  • Stylefixes + a nice nav for the Tutorial Savegame
  • Google Ads?
  • A new Header for Blowiki, which fits to our content
  • GRF pack version 4 (fully legal)
  • Change the skin, that the edit link will be on the right side. (not just left of the title) Screenshots
  • expanding the Junctionary
  • adding new Commands to Public Server -> !rss, !junctionary, !archive, !help/!commands
  • testing the Newhouses-Branch
  • updating the Wiki(1.9+) & Blog(2.1.3+) to recent versions
  • update the PublicServer:Archive and add the missing screenshots and descriptions... this is important as it reviews the work of our community and should be done by all of us! -> Games are: 46, 28, 27, 21, 18 and 17!
  • fix Serverinfo Box
  • Adding good description to Chaos theory concept
  • More Hall Of Fame games
  • Bug: Link over "The #openttdcoop Wiki"
  • Style of IRC page
  • remove footer links Privacy policy, About #OpenTTDCoop and Disclaimers (or fill it with content)
  • Find Public Server Game #18 save file.
  • Fix the public server page
General ToDo's
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