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4.0 Feeder

Feeder trains and some very helpfull things to care about.

4.1 Correct orderlist needed

Tutorial Savegame 4.1.png

Let us assume we are using a feeder to bring a type of goods from one small station to a more crowded station and we don't want to make the usual station walk method. On the screenshot to the left you see the proper orderlist for this type of feeder: Waterworth Feeder is the resource station. You must select full load (not necessarily transfer but it doesn't hurt much to select that as well). At feeder's destination station Rumblegate East you need to select "transfer" and "leave empty" in order to drop the goods at the station. They will be loaded on other trains getting their load there, just as usual.

4.2 Build trucks for short distance and gain further goods

Sometime sthe distances are simply to short to make a complicated train feeder system. Instead, some trucks can do the job as well! Streets fit even in the most difficult terrains and are inexpensive to build.

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