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Author's Note

Obviously, there are some images missing, and some pages will need to be revised or created to provide entry points to new sections. This is merely an idea of what the frontpage could be, so please keep an open mind. I encourage the use of the talk page to discuss possible changes, enhancements, or removals from this page. Colors and such are, of course, subject to change.

To create the page, I obtained a list of all current wiki pages, sorted them by where I thought they would best fit, and then used what I considered to be the more important links to develop the frontpage. Some things omitted from the front page include:

Coopetition articles
They are to be linked under the Coopetition section.
Public Server archive pages
There is a link to the archive under Technical (could be moved to Development). It may also be possible to create a template so the most recent game could be linked directly from the frontpage. Keep in mind that a frontpage is usually static, and is only changed when necessary. Using templates allows the page to change without a direct edit.
Some of the more popular gametypes were linked, and a more... link was added to access the others.
Glossary Terms
All abbreviations and jargon should be included in an updated glossary. Articles that use these abbreviations should always link to the glossary.
The more important GRF links should be frontpaged. Any others should be accessible from the GRF article via a menu.
Again, the more important links are frontpaged. Others are linked via the Junctionary article.
Development Ideas
The Research Category has been linked since the list is ever-changing. Frontpage linking to specific development articles is likely not a good idea until they move from development into Advanced Concepts.
The Guides and Basic Concepts have a LOT of overlap. This overlap needs to be eliminated to reduce redundancy and make the wiki easier to navigate.

Again, I welcome any comments on this re-design.

Good setup Thraxian!

  • Under game start, we cuold add a page that contains voting as well, currently how that works is unclear to everybody.
  • I doubt development should be added on the frontpage, because that is a fastly changing area and if you don't maintain it properly is outdated rapidly.
  • The "obtain page" could point to the auto updater from zuu and the download script from Ammler and in case of emergency as "or go here" point to By letting users use these two auto downloads, we might have less questions about the revision used.
  • Guides should be either a basic building concept or an advanced building concept. If we devide the guides in those two, we won't have redundancy.

--Tneo 06:33, 29 April 2008 (UTC)

Wow, what a great setup, Thraxian!

This page gives a detailed overview on the most important points. I like your idea at the gamestyle-pages of listing the most important and adding the "more..." link to the category. Of course, we need the same approach at the tutorials, because we can not list all the articles available.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty short on time as I'm currently in Berlin, including the upcoming 2 weeks. I'm looking forward of helping out on the wiki the days thereafter.

--Mucht 23:15, 29 April 2008 (Berlin) ;-)

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