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Outline of future autopilot development


  • Information and automation
  • minute-to-minute management of the game
  • provide admin / website with information
  • bridge to irc / irc bot
  • modular / customizable (without the need of editing ap source directly)

IRC bot

RFC compliance

  • use irc package (0.6 or later) from tcllib (1.10 or later)
  • standard eol-style: crlf (handled by irc package, however allow this to be configured as some networks are not rfc conform e.g.
  • ping reply asap (handeld by irc package)
  • join channel only after /end of MOTD received

Important callbacks

  • 376 /end of MOTD (code to join channel in this callback)
  • 332 joined channel (send /NAMES to keep internal nick list of channel)
  • 353 reply from /NAMES (/NAMES response can appear multiple times depending on the number of clients in the channel, accumulate them)
  • 366 /end of NAMES (process the accumulated list of channel nicks)
  • MODE a mode change occured, send /NAMES to update the internal list
  • NICK nickchange, send /NAMES
  • QUIT a user from our channel quit, send /NAMES
  • PART a user from our channel left, send /NAMES
  • KICK we were kicked from the channel
  • INVITE we have been invited to a channel
  • PRIVMSG a channel or private message (detect private message by comparing [target] with the bot's irc nick name, do this case insensitive)
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