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In our channel #openttdcoop there are 2 bots active. One bot is called "sandbox" and whenever it is on IRC you know that there is a Sandbox Game running. The second bo is called "_42_" which is giving us some additional features to the IRC channel itself.

Sandbox understands several commands and gives you the the ability to communicate with people on The Sandbox Server via our IRC channel. Just type this command in your chatline. You can also send commands to sandbox by private message (/msg) if you do not wish to disturb the flow of the channel.

Command Description
 !password Shows the actual password of the Sandbox Server in our channel, once in a blue moon. Go to the Sandbox server page instead.
 !playercount Tells you how many people are playing on the Sandbox Server
 !players Lists the people who are playing on the Sandbox Server, if any
 !companies Lists the companies on the Sandbox Server (should just be one)
 !url Shows the link to the Sandbox-Server helppage
 !version The version of Autopilot
 !revision The version of OpenTTD
 !wiki Shows the link to our wiki
 !blog Shows the link to our blog

_42_ logs our channel and gives you some statistics as well as other nice stuff:

Command Description
 !stats Shows channel statistics
 !translate xx_yy translate from xx to yy (xx/yy = en/nl/fr/de/ru/ja/etc..)
 !calc a+b+c Do a calculation
 !openttd commit XXXX Shows the changes in OTTD revision XXXX
 !seen username Shows, when a user was online last time and sends him a msg when returning
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