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3-way BBHs
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JunctionaryMergerLL.png LL_RR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerLLL.png LLL_RRR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerLLLL.png LLLL_RRRR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerMore.png LLLL_RRRR+ Hubs
3-way BBHs
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LLLL RRRR Backbone Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg186 bbh01.png
Brainmelter A massive hub sitting in one of the valleys of the awesome psg 186. The name came from the brainmelting center which is an all to all merge from each side, first seen in this hub which melted many brains as a result. V453000 Download PSG #186

219 bbh03.png
LLLLRRRR LLLLRRRR hub in PSG219, with some sideline constructions in the north. mfb, V453000 and others Download PSG #219

Snake Nest A tricky, but effective way to build a LLLLRRRR hub. V453000 Download PSG #227

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