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The wiki has been moved to Brianetta's server! Hurray!
[[Image:1000.png|thumb|250px|left|We had our 1000'th hit on the Main Page!]]
[[Image:1000.png|thumb|250px|left|We had our 1000'th hit on the Main Page!]]

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The wiki has been moved to Brianetta's server! Hurray!

We had our 1000'th hit on the Main Page!
Welcome to #openttdcoop

We're a group of players (some what expanding) that enjoy playing OpenTTD cooperatively rather than competively. Playing OpenTTD in a cooperative way means bringing new challenges to the game. This means we all share the same company, the same resources, and build a really big network. Which is, in fact, more of a challenge for experienced players. The important thing is that we have fun doing this, playing with the game like designing crazy hubs (good old Bermuda Hub!) or highly efficient stations. Playing in a cooperative way also means to learn from one another. Good players share their experiences with Newbies but on the other side even the most skilled OTTD-players |may learn some tricks from their teammates.

If you want to get in touch with our community, be sure to join us in our IRC channel. If you are not familiar with IRC you can find some information in our Guides.

History of #openttdcoop

#openttdcoop group of players who found together in the main channel for OTTD - #openttd on the Freenode IRC network. See this page for a short history of this community and what we intend to do in the future.


Have a look on our Guides, which may help you in almost every way. There are pages about using IRC as well as building tutorials and a Glossary on terms and expressions you will need to know if you play with us.


You are familiar with our gameplay? Want to join us on our Sandbox server, or you are already there and intend to become a full member of our community? Look at the page explaining the #openttdcoop membership.


If you want to cooperate in a efficient way you have to formulate some very basic rules. These rules are concerning both building styles and communication issues. They are neither very strict, nor associated with consequences; so do not fear them, just follow them as our very basic guidelines.


See our memberpages to get an idea who we are, where we live and where our weak points are.


As far as you are familiar with the basic terms of our community (because you already read the Guides and joined us on IRC) you are very welcome to join us on our Sandbox Server.

Pages of interests

You might be interested in our savegame archives. Choose between:

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