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by Kul


Mainline Integrated Stations (MLI Stations) are stations, generally for passengers, built as a part of the mainline. The 2 main reasons for building stations like this are that it resembles reality a lot more, and because there isn't enough space to build a station which is hubbed to the ML. The disadvantage is that the train has to continue it's direction, and can't turn. The difficulty with MLI stations is that due to stopping trains there is a high risk of jamming. An example savegame* containing Variation A (Dresden, Dusselhaven an der Spree) and variation B (An unconnected one up north, and Quedlinhorst East).

The Stations

LL_RR 2*7 Platform

by Kul

A first try

The first attempt at creating a MLI station. There are 14 platforms, 7 for each direction. it is based on LL_RR. It splits up into LLL_RRR, of which one goes straight through.




<General Idea>
Idea Player Draft of idea Testing Completed Remarks
A drive-through station Kul Second version Testing -
Variation A Kul Design No results yet -
Variation B Kul Rev1 Soon in a PS game -
Double terminus concept Kul Design No results yet -
Theory (headers don't apply to this row) Kul Sorting Data Creating story Mathematical Foundation
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