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The Cashmaker is the name for the network built at the beginning of every coop-game. Typically, the most profitable cargo is transported (i.e. coal).

Only few terrain-changes are done and the tracks are unorganized to save money and to earn as fast as possible enough cash to start with building the regular network. Hubs are typically quick-and-dirty (see Ghetto Style Hubs) except near the primary drop. An inefficient hub is typically tolerable as the added delays are tolerable and the network is not near capacity and unlikely to jam. Not only are goods like coal increasingly profitable for longer runs, they are relatively insensitive to delays.

In most recent games, the trend has been to use planes to transport passengers to generate money. Planes generate much more money than the slow coal trains. In addition, this prevents the map from getting overloaded by a very high production of coal. When using planes to generate money, the minimum terraforming rule still applies. Pick a few high population cities that are far away from each (opposite ends of the map if possible), and build an airport. Add just enough airplanes so that they are not sitting around waiting for passengers, and let the money roll in.

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