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Latest News

31.07.06: After having some discussions around our current system of wiki and blog we decided to redefine some things. More news on that coming soon - stay tuned!

24.07.06: A day full of news:

  • OwenS joins our Mainserver-team! Congratulations!
  • After some hard work on this wiki, many improvements are done. To have an idea of the ongoing improvements, check our whole-new Sandbox Archive.
  • Valhallasw has made some mediawiki hacks to get new permission settings. Every registered user is now welcome to edit their user page and to discuss ideas on the talk page of every article. Experienced sandboxers are welcome to help on the wiki in the Sandbox: namespace, which, for example, hosts the Sandbox Archive.
  • The team is working on some whole new concepts for our community - stay tuned!

21.07.2006: Due to some issues with the US-Stations-GRF we reworked our whole GRF-Set. We took the chance to implement the planeset so our games will become even more eyecandy in the future. Check our related page to update your config file and get the new package of GRFs!

July 2006

19.07.2006: A Sandbox game started - again. Our Sandboxers are very active today. They decided to create an ICE-game - with the recently developed 'S-Bahn'-Idea.

09.07.2006: The Sandbox game has been restarted. A new game is up.

08.07.2006: The Main Server Game is developing fast - in the meantime, the Sandbox game seems to be almost finished and one has to expect a new Sandbox map coming up the next days.

03.07.2006: XeryusTC has been invited to the mainserver - congratulations! Furthermore, the community started an all-new mainserver game based on the scenario "Bigriver".

June 2006

30.06.2006: Right after the serverupgrade our Sandboxers started a news game. Join them in their efforts and visit Sandbox Server for further details.

30.06.2006: #openttdcoop changes both Main Server and Sandbox Server to OTTD Nightly r5431. Additionally, we have chosen some GRFs we will use in order to enhance our gameplay. Get the whole information here.

08.06.2006: #openttdcoop Servers are online again, check out Main Server and Sandbox Server for new ip addresses and further information

05.06.2006: #openttdcoop decided to make use of additional grfs. These new grfs will enrich our gameplay and make our games more 'eyecandy'. Check this page for further details.

05.06.2006: #openttdcoop started a new game on the Main Server; join our IRC channel if you are interested in our games!

Februar 2006

27.02.2006: #openttdcoop welcomes csuke to our mainserver! After joining our sandbox some 3 months ago and proving his skills on loadbalancing as well as hub- and stationbuilding, csuke will support our team at the mainserver!

16.02.2006: Our Sandboxers have started a new map! Have fun!

12.02.2006: Userpages updated! Please check your own status + userpage and report at the IRC-Channel.

11.02.2006: #openttdcoop started the Challenge the #openttdcoop campaign.

10.02.2006: Truelight has been invited to the mainserver after playing several maps at the Sandbox!

05.02.2006: e1ko joined our team as a full member!

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