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* configure settings with Progman's Config Tool
* configure settings with Progman's Config Tool
* save current game with '''save PublicServerGame_$Number_Final''' (save folder is linked to web)
* save current game with '''save PublicServerGame_$Number_Final''' (save folder is linked to web)
* Reload server: newgame
* Reload server: '''newgame'''
=== Editing the openttd.cfg ===
=== Editing the openttd.cfg ===

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On this page all the needed commands are shown to administrate a Server via SSH and especially those for administrating the #openttdcoop Servers


Starting the Server (via autopilot)

  • Start a new game: ./autopilot.tcl new
  • Load the default savegame (save/game.sav): ./autopilot.tcl load
  • Load another savegame: ./autopilot.tcl load save/game/path.sav

Reloading the Server (via console)

  • configure settings with Progman's Config Tool
  • save current game with save PublicServerGame_$Number_Final (save folder is linked to web)
  • Reload server: newgame

Editing the openttd.cfg

Common things should be edited with the Configuration Tool: http://openttdcoop.ppcis.org/config/

Before you start a new game, the config file has to be edited. Map-Size, diff_custom, NewGrfs and need to be set.

  • To edit openttd.cfg via SSH you should use vim: vi openttd.cfg
  • To search for a string change to search-mode with ? and type your search string, with n you can jump to next result.
  • To edit a value you have to change to the insert mode with i, then you can edit the values
  • To save and leave vim, leave any mode first with ESC, and type :wq (: = command mode)
  • To leave without saving type :q!
  • Some values are a bit confusing, i.e. diff_custom, you can find details about this value on the openttd.org wiki page

Basic SVN Commands

  • We are updating our Server's via SVN: svn up -r $revision_number && make
  • Sometimes everything is screwed up and we need to check out a new version (its very bad if this happens):
    • Backing up the old data: i.e. cp -r ~/svn-coop/bin ~/backup
    • Remove the corrupt copy: rm -rf ~/svn-coop
    • Check out a new working copy via svn: svn co -r $revision_number svn://svn.openttd.org/trunk svn-coop
    • The Source should be patched with dihedrals reload patch.: patch -p0 < ~/network_nextgame_reload_cfg.patch (Sometimes, there are also other patches.)
    • Configure and Compile: ./configure --revision=r$revision_number && make (without M)
    • Restore files from the backup like grfs and openttd.cfg

Using rcon

Some values have to be change in runtime, you can do this really easy with Remote Connection in-game. If you are connected to the Server toggle the Console with ^ and use commands:

  • To pause/unpause the game: rcon password pause/unpause
  • To change a patch setting: rcon password "patch patch_setting value" (don't forget the breakets)
    • To view a value of a setting: rcon password "patch patch_setting"
    • Some settings use namespaces: i.e. "patch yapf.rail_use_yapf"

Archiving a Game

If a game is done do the following steps via SSH:

  • exit (=save+exit) the game, the game will be saved to the default save: save/game.sav
  • copy the file to the archive: cp save/game.sav ~/website/blog/files/publicserver_archive/PublicServerGame_$Number_Final.sav
  • make the file accessible: chmod 755 ~/website/blog/files/publicserver_archive/PublicServerGame_$Number_Final.sav
  • add a Report to the Wiki (if you don't have time, add at least the date and the used revision!)

Dedicated Servers

Ammler's server for high usage games.

SSH: ottdc@mozart.ammler.ch

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