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On this page all the needed commands are shown to administrate a Server via SSH and especially those for administrating the #openttdcoop Servers

Servers / Directories

  • 3979 - Public Server: ~/svn-public/autopilot/ (Web: ~/website/public/)
  • 3980 - Special Server: ~/svn-special/autopilot (Dutchset) (Web: ~/website/special/)
  • 3981 - Pro Dev Server: ~/svn-dev/autopilot/ (Web: ~/webiste/dev/)
  • 3982 - ProZone: ~/svn-prozone/autopilot/ (Web: ~/website/prozone/)

  • 3979 - WWOTTDGD: ~/svn-wwottdgd/autopilot/ (Web: ~/public_html/wwottdgd/)
  • 3980 - Member Zone: ~/svn-member/autopilot/ (Web: ~/public_html/member/)
  • 3981 - dev server: ~/svn-play-is/autopilot/ (Web: ~/public_html/is2)
  • 3982 - coopetition server: ~/svn-h2h/autopilot/ Web: ~/public_html/h2h/)

Check internal member board for access infos.

Connecting to the server

  • Connect to the server with ssh
  • Issue command screen -x
  • Issue quit -> ends game without saving
  • Issue exit -> ends game with save

Starting the Server (via autopilot)

  • Start a new game: ./autopilot.tcl new | tee logs/<gamenr>
  • Load the default savegame (save/game.sav): ./autopilot.tcl load | tee logs/<gamenr>
  • Load another savegame: ./autopilot.tcl load save/game/path.sav | tee logs/<gamenr>

Reloading the Server (via console)

  • configure settings with Progman's Config Tool
  • save current game with save game$Number (Recommend to add a number, so you can find it better for archiving.)
  • Reload server: newgame

Editing the openttd.cfg

Common things should be edited with the Configuration Tool:

Before you start a new game, the config file has to be edited. Map-Size, diff_custom, NewGrfs and need to be set.
  • To edit openttd.cfg via SSH you should use vim: vi openttd.cfg
  • To search for a string change to search-mode with ? and type your search string, with n you can jump to next result.
  • To edit a value you have to change to the insert mode with i, then you can edit the values
  • To save and leave vim, leave any mode first with ESC, and type :wq (: = command mode)
  • To leave without saving type :q!
  • Some values are a bit confusing, i.e. diff_custom, you can find details about this value on the wiki page

To upload a file to the publicserver (usually a .sav), use

Updating the server

Easy way via script (updates automatically to the last nightly):

  • ./update -w

Patch the server, if needed (see below for details). Make sure the patches apply cleanly. Otherwise fix them or skip them.

  • patch -p0 < nomod.diff
  • patch -p0 < bb2.diff
  • patch -p0 < magic_bulldozer.diff
  • ./configure --enable-dedicated
  • make bundle

Did the compile work? If so: Close the existing server, copy the files:

  • cp -Rf bundle/* autopilot
  • cd autopilot
  • ./autopilot.tcl load | tee -a logs/<gamenr>.log

Here's the manual way to do things, if ./update -w doesn't work:

* We are updating our Server's via SVN: svn up -r $revision_number && ./configure -D && make
  • Sometimes everything is screwed up and we need to check out a new version (its very bad if this happens):
    • Backing up the old data: i.e. cp -r ~/svn-coop/bin ~/backup
    • Remove the corrupt copy: rm -rf ~/svn-coop
    • Check out a new working copy via svn: svn co -r $revision_number svn:// svn-coop
    • Restore files from the backup like grfs and openttd.cfg
    • make the binary:
      • ./configure --enable-dedicated
      • make bundle
      • cp -Rf bundle/* autopilot
    • edit ~/website/rev to $revision_number
    • start autopilot:
      • cd autopilot
      • ./autopilot.tcl [load <game>]

Patching Server

The update script did revert the server build to clean trunk, but maybe we need to patch our server: the patches need to be multiplayer safe, no information can be saved in the savegame. We store the patches in subfolder patches.

  • nomod.diff: it does tell openttd to compile without adding "M" to the version
  • bb2.diff: logging the docommands
  • magic_bulldozer.diff: enables switch with rcon

First, you apply one patch (patch -p0 < patch.diff), if there are no errors, you take the next, if there are errors, you revert the apply with -R (patch -Rp0 < patch.diff) and ask the patch creator to update or try self. If all patches are applied, you need to remake: make bundle (no configure). copy the bundle to autopilot: cp -Rf bundle/ autopilot/

Support for Autostart and other tools

To support other tools to update client or homepage with current used revision etc., we need to have the following tags on our server:

  • rev: currently used SVN trunk revision
  • grfversion: currently used #openttdcoop NewGRF package version
  • patch.url: currently used patch (mostly for dev server, link to TT-Forums)
  • $OS.url: link to the binary (if it isn't a nightly)

Those "Tags" are located in http://<server>/<port>/ They can be configured over the webconfigurator: config/urls.php

Using rcon

Some values have to be change in runtime, you can do this really easy with Remote Connection in-game. If you are connected to the Server toggle the Console with ^ and use commands:

  • To pause/unpause the game: rcon password pause/unpause
  • To change a patch setting: rcon password "patch patch_setting value" (don't forget the quotation marks)
    • To view a value of a setting: rcon password "patch patch_setting"
    • Some settings use namespaces: i.e. "patch yapf.rail_use_yapf"

Archiving a PublicServer Game

If a game is done do the following step via IRC: !transfer <num> localsave.sav (might be game.sav) then add a Report to the Wiki (if you don't have time, add at least the date and the used revision!)

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