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Just something I'm working on. Should be possible to create an automatic archive of games using the new DynamicPageList extension. As we add new pages to the category, we can create a sortable, paginated list of all pages in that category, and have them fit a specific format (like the new Users listing I'm working on).

The final result

  • each archived game will have a page associated with it. That page will contain this info box in addition to any commentary, screenshots, or other information we want to put on the page.
  • a sortable list of archived games that is automatically updated when any new pages are added to the archive category

If you can think of any additional game properties that would be helpful to sort on, please add them to this talk page. Some that I'm still considering are:

  • specific patches (IS, CargoDest, h2h, etc)
  • ML style (loop, linear, chaos)
  • ML size (3-3 for LLLRRR, 3 for LLL)
  • Y/N for additional vehicles used in planned network (boats, planes, RVs)

I'm very much in favour of this. Definitely in favour of adding two or three additional servers: Dev, H2h, Others
It would then easily allow us to keep track of our dev games and head-to-head / coopetition games and give us the opportunity for a misc section which we may or might need at some stage - why not provide for that?
If either of those three is specified, I think we should indeed consider to add the used patch version so that the game can be re-opened later on by compiling an appropriately patched source - or the game will be lost forever.
--planetmaker 07:03, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

He, I liked to suggest that yesterday, nice you already did.
I take it that values are just a convention, so you can easy add new values there? (like Alpine for landscape or r00000-h2h for version etc.)
How will it work, if we add new property to the template later?
A script for the current games to generate that?
--Ammler 08:37, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

Yes, the values on the template page are just a convention to facilitate sorting. They are not validated, so anything can be put there.
But if we have "cargo", "cargo-only",'Cargo","CARGO",and "all cargo" to mean the same thing, the list will look messy. We should feel free to add any additional values that make sense, either now, or when the need arises.
It may be possible to put links into the parameter values.
Version = [http://binaries.openttd.org/nightlies/trunk/r16063/ r16063]
This would cause the r16063 nightly to link to the binary directory on openttd.org. I think the list would still remain sortable, even with this change.
I've started doing some research on wikibots and how they work. For now, it's a manual process to create/update these pages.
I intend to start with ProZone, since it will be easier to modify those few files than to tackle the PS archive.
Once I can prove it will work (and be better/easier than the current implementation), we can look at botting the PS archive.
--Thraxian 12:16, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

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