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For networks based on "indirect" train management and basically utilizing lost dummy trains w/o useful orders in schedule (Such as SRNW and MSRN) certain precautions need to be taken when it comes to station design. SRNW in general is used when as a delivery method for many pickups to single drop location and it's pickups station design based on measuring amount of cargo waiting proportional to dummy train capacity. It work perfectly but unfortunately it is not possible to reverse such approach for delivering cargo to multiple location, spreading trains across many drop points. Following design can be used for this purpose in SRNW or MSRN used for distributing secondary cargo.

Core feature of this design is usage of a timer train which runs on schedule via timing duration if it's stay at "timer" station. Depending on processing speed of industry station connects to, waiting time can be lowered or raised as needed during station usage. Unfortunately this design only works for single platform as is.

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