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'''Dislikes:''' Planes/Boats / "No Terraforming"-games  
'''Dislikes:''' Planes/Boats / "No Terraforming"-games  
'''E-Mail / MSN:''' chris_peter_booth@hotmail.com
'''E-Mail / MSN:''' chris_peter_booth@hotmail.co.uk

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Date of Birth: 10-04-1990

Location: Chelmsford, England

Started playing TT: Early - Mid 90's when i was about 6 - 8

Joined OpenTTDCoop: 2008

Pro since: July 2008 - 2010(Banned) March 2011 (Reinvited)

Strengths: Helping people, Large Hubs, Mixing Track, Troubleshooting; Calling people idiots, Moaing, Being rude and sticking to my guns

Weakness: Concidering others, Being patient

Likes: Big maps with large fluent networks.

Dislikes: Planes/Boats / "No Terraforming"-games

E-Mail / MSN: chris_peter_booth@hotmail.co.uk

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