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Born: 27th of February 1987

Home: Utrecht, Holland nl.gif

Homepage: Dimensional Rift

Blog: Try using your telepathic abilities instead

Started with TT: Started with TTO a very long time ago. Upgraded through TTD to OTTD a few years ago.

Likes: Realistic networks, True Chaos Theory, and eyecandy

Dislikes: The "PublicServer-implementation" of Chaos Theory, terraforming

Specialist on: Cramming things into tight spaces, Rube Goldberg devices

Weaknesses: Finding the motivation to build SLs and fix random errors.

My stuff:

  1. User:Combuster/Speedswitcher (managing multiple speed trains on the network)
  2. User:Combuster/Mission_AOT (Scenario Proposal)
  3. User:Combuster/Modified_transfer_payment (Patch to rebalance cargo payment in more complex networks)
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