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About Me

Born: 1977
Home: North Carolina, USA us.gif
Email: thraxian[at]nc[dot]rr[dot]com
Occupation: Software design, development, testing, and support
Started playing TTD: Don't remember, but possibly mid-late 90's.
Discovered #openttdcoop: August 2007
Promoted to "Usual Suspect": September 13, 2007
Promoted to "Member": November 19, 2007
Strengths: Debugging problematic lines, building and managing SL networks, avoiding terraforming
Weaknesses: Complex hubs, very advanced techniques (SML, for example)
Prefers: Teamwork, strict adherence to plan, working efficiently with the terrain
Dislikes: Deviations from plan, careless terraforming, large and expensive eye-candy spending, band-aid solutions
Other Gaming Interests: Battlefield 2, Guild Wars, Titan Quest, Sacred, Diablo II, Unreal Tournament






  • [Savegame] from an experts server which we conquered as #openttdcoop
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