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[edit] The Idea

OSQC is the #openttdcoop Scenario Quest/Competition. The main idea is to solve the quests of a given scenario and to play it. Finding a creative and good solution is another key point, because after one month we are going to nominate a winner of the monthly #osqc. The Winner will be announced and the savegame archived in a Hall of Fame. The competitive factor encourages the players to show their best skills and think about the game. #openttdcoop is not only ‘building and playing together’, it is also high quality gaming at the bleeding edge of features and possibilities in OpenTTD.

[edit] Criteria for osqc

Rating range is from 10 (best) till 1 (worst)

  • building skill (junctions, constructions, LB, stations, depots, network flow etc.)
  • organisation (network layout, usage of different vehicle types, transporting)
  • economy (transported cargo, income, number of trains/rvs/planes/ships, TL)
  • tasks (how are the tasks of the quests solved)
  • look&feel (low terraforming, eyecandy, beautiful constructions)
  • personal opinion of the judge
  • bad builder (usage of station walk, massive terraforming, low station ratings, train jams)

[edit] Multipliers

  • building skill = rating * 1,5
  • organisation = rating * 1,0
  • economy = rating * 1,0
  • tasks = rating * 1,75
  • look&feel = rating * 1,25
  • personal opinion = rating * 0,5
  • bad builder = (-10 + rating) * 0,75

[edit] Final Calculation

[total sum of ratings by all judges] / [number of judges] = FINAL RATING

[edit] Schedule

# Name Date Sign Up
1 "The Bottleneck" 01-01-2008 - 31-01-2008 Closed
2 "The Pyramid" 27-07-2010 - 31-08-2010 Closed
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