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OpenTTD Bash Autostart script

The autostart/ compile script automatically downloads, compiles and starts the correct OpenTTD Linux version to join the Public Server or Member Zone Server. The script can use the nightly download or use svn to compile you're local gameset.

The scripts supports all plattforms which have a bash shell. (Linux/OSX/FreeBSD etc.)

How to use the script

  1. Download the files from
  2. Copy or rename ps.tmpl to ps.conf
  3. Edit ps.conf and set your option for either "nightly" or "svn" under TYPE
  4. Start the script

Using TYPE="nightly"

The fastest type to update and start a client.

Using TYPE="svn"


  • Patches
  • Only updates changed files.


  • Needs to compile (takes time)
  • Requires development library dependencies for openttd

How to setup a server

You need a webserver at same address as the OTTD server is.

This 2 Variables in the conf are required for server:

  • PORT

The script tries to read the revision from http://SERVER/PORT/rev

That one is for autologin feature:


The script tries to read the server password from http://SERVER/PORT/PWKEY

(I suggest to use a md5sum string for PWKEY.)

Hint: We do also symlink data and save folder from the ottd server, so people could download missing GRFs or saves.



Fix: exit on invalid passwords and commenting debug


Fix: updated pw_arguments patch to current trunk


Added possibility to create a binary pack. (TODO: integrate make bundle)


New: The script now supports custom patches from the servers and also download of selfbuild binaries. (i.e. from TT-Forums) Removed: repatching from the password patch Added: Template for devserver


Fix: change dir to script home


Script supports now multiple servers with different conf files. (Templates available) Also added support for autojoining with Company password.


New: Patch from Progman also supporting company password. (Argument -P)


Progmans patch for autologin...


Added support for multiple server, multiple OS and svn


Experimental script for automatic update and start publicserver client. It's not finished and need some improvements, but I need help, so I commited to share the source. ;-)

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