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The Death Feeder Concept

by Death

The Death Feeder Concept.
  • The mainline consists of two lines going in the same direction in a loop around the entire map
  • The only stations connected to the mainlines are Cargo Stations and Industry Drop off/Pickup stations
  • Industries are connected to the mainline by feeder networks that dropoff cargo at a Cargo Station
  • Small Trains (5 tiles is a good size) drop off cargo to the Cargo Stations
  • Big Trains (20 tiles long is a good size) take the cargo from Cargo Stations and drop them off at the drop station for whichever type of cargo it is
  • No train that services a primary industry should make it to the ML (says Veritek in response to question from Satyap)

Key points:

  • Feeder networks (production industries) disattached from mainline
  • Mainline only goes one direction
  • Large trains take cargo from feeder networks to receiver industries (factory, power station, etc.)
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