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The Inter City Express and SBahn gametype (ICE/SBahn)

by Osai, Mucht, and strstrep

ICE/SBahn network overview
  • First of all, take a look at the images to the right.
  • ICE's are 8-Tiles long, ICE-1 and ICE-TD need two engines and have 12 wagons. ICE's of the third generation (ICE-3) have powered wagons and need only one engine with 15 wagons.
  • Use Passenger Coaches (mainline), they can carry 56 passengers each.
  • SBahns are 3-Tiles long and depending on the area you can use either BR420 (faster) or ET-30 (more HP). For the inner S-Bahn-ring it has shown that 4-tile-trains are in many cases necessary.
  • Cities have an Inner SBahn Ring (around the center) and an Outer SBahn Ring (through the outer parts of the city) which transfer passengers to the cities Central Stations! The SBahn Stations should complement one another with their station coverage.
  • Use the transfer button for all SBahn stations, which means: pick up passengers and go on (transfer & take cargo).
  • Use the transfer button + unload button for the Central Stations, which means: Transfer, Leave empty and place passengers at the station (Instead of sending them into the town).

ICE/SBahn layout in city areas
  • [rename the Central Stations] i.e. Drinwood Central Station is " DNW" (use a space in front of DNW -> Central Stations are shown first in the station list)
  • [rename the ICE's] i.e. Train 56 going from Drinwood to Madham has to be renamed to DNW - MDH". Don't forget: Always sort town names alphabetically: MDH - DNW would be wrong, you all know why! ;-)

Types of the ICE

Ice types.png

With Trams

  • Trams can also be used to extend this concept (see PS game 43).
  • This adds another level of transferring passengers for more effectively servicing a larger area of the city.
  • There should be a tram platform at each of the SBahn stations, and other tram platforms at locations throughout the city.
  • Like the SBahns, the trams should transfer at all stations.
  • The trams should do a transfer/unload at the SBahn station.


Tram Example

Let's say a passenger starts at Wrinpool Branch.

  • A red tram will pick him up and bring him to Wrinpool Sidings. He will stay on the tram as it has a transfer and take cargo order.
  • The tram will then go to Wrinpool Halt and drop him off at the station, as here it has a transfer and leave empty order.
  • An SBahn train will pick him up at Wrinpool Halt, and drop him off for another transfer at WPL NORTH, the central station.
  • Finally, an ICE train will pick him up from WPL NORTH and deliver him to his final destination.

Keep Order

With the keep order, the SBahn stops are more efficient as passengers don't need to be unloaded and reloaded at each stop. Passengers only get on and off when needed. Also, vehicles (except ships) will skip stations with the "keep" order flag if they are completely full. Instead of using the transfer option for all stops except the last, use the keep option on all stops except the first and last. The first stop should have no modifier, and the last stop should have the transfer and unload modifiers.

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