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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is used to improve the communication between all players and friends of #openttdcoop.

Channel: #openttdcoop + Server: / irc://

If you want to join our community, you will need an IRC client. We therefore recommend one of these clients:

If you installed the client, connect to the OFTC IRC network at For further details and FAQ see .
Alternatively you can also use our webclient or other web based IRC clients such as Wikipedia:Mibbit if you do not want to install anything.

To join our channel, simply type: /join #openttdcoop, or join by clicking irc:// . Be sure to have IRC Highlighting enabled.

IRC Commands - NickServ

Register your nick

Registers a nickname in our database for your use. Registering your nickname ensures it is reserved for your use and cannot be used by others if you do not wish them to use it. It also allows you to associate various pieces of information with your nickname and also to have access to registered channels.

/msg nickserv register <password> <email>

Enforce identification

Enforce enables or disables nickname enforcement of your account. This means that if someone who is not not on your access list attempts to use your nickname and doesn't identify within a given period their nick will be forcefully changed.

/msg nickserv set enforce on

Reclaim your nickname

If your nickname is being held by services, as is the case if your nickname has been enforced recently, this command will release the hold and change your nickname to the nickname that you specify. This command will also free up your nickname if another user is using it and will change your current nickname to be your registered nickname if successful.

/msg nickserv ghost <nickname> <password>

Link your nickname

Link this nickname to a master nickname. This effectively creates an alias for your nickname to the master nickname.

/msg nickserv link master_nickname [password]

General Help

NickServ (Nickname services)

/msg nickserv help

ChanServ (Channel Services)

/msg chanserv help

IRC commands specific to #openttdcoop

See IRC Commands

IRC Highlighting

IRC Highlighting is one of the most important feature you should have enabled if you use IRC. Since our community coordinates its efforts in our IRC-Channel you should at least notify messages concerning you. Of course, no one will look in the IRC window every second minute and that's why IRC highlighting was invented.

What do I have to do? If you are highlighted you should notice that. Imagine a person sitting next to you and you are talking to him many times the same thing and he doesn't notice you. Annoying, isn't it? Be sure to enable a feature that gives you an alert when someone is talking to you. Such features are a very basic component of every IRC-client around. It can either be a sound or a blinking window.

How can I highlight someone? Just write the name of the person you want to talk to. You need to write the name exactly, of course. You can do this by writing the first letters and press the tabulator-button. As an example, there is a guy called "Valhallasw" in our channel. To query him, simply write "va" and press the tabulator-button. His name appears now exactly, letter by letter.

Mucht's Desktop while being highlighted on IRC. This may vary depending on the IRC-client
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