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3-way BBHs
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3-way BBHs
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LLL RRR Backbone Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg188 bbh03.png
Bridge split The main point of this hub is making it compact by using the bridge splits to balance trains over lines, in this case only 3 directions are bridged this way. Vitus Download PSG #188

Psg197 bbh01.png
Tunnel only A 3-way hub with two LLLRRR and one LLRR meeting nicely in arctic the japanese landscape using only tunnels. The technique of the merges is based on splits of the tunnels. V453000 Download PSG #197

Psg248 bbhfurball.png
Tunnel only A BBH with short CL, long trains and a flood of tunnels providing all-to-all choices. Meet the Furball. V453000 Download PSG #248

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