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4-way BBHs
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4-way Backbone Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg173 bbh01.png
Swapped over A true masterpiece among 4-way hubs. This hub removes the worst connnections by swapping to left-hand traffic in the center. As a curiosity, it is the last hub Mark built before he left to Australia. Mark Download PSG #173

Psg232 bbh23.png
Chaos This 4-way hub was built from scratch after two 3-way hubs merged to an unhandy mess. The tracks follow no particular layout. XeryusTC, mfb Download PSG #232

Chaos Another chaotic 4-way hub, with LLL_RRR from all sides. mfb Download PZG #20

Big This 4-way hub was the central point of PSG268, where all trains met. All directions are 7L_7R. V453000, mfb Download PSG #268
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