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New Sideline Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg186 SLH06.png
Corner SLH This hub is based on directions each connection has. Four connections(west split, eastbound join, east split, westbound join), four directions(NE, SW, NW and splitting to east, SE). V453000 Download PSG #186

Psg191 SLH06.png
Diagonal SLH A SLH on diagonal/mild corner ML showing how ridiculously small SLH it is possible to build. Vitus Download PSG #191

Psg204 SLH03.png
Fast joiner SLH built with emphasis on exactly 1xTL waiting bays which allow to have full speed choices. (only westbound part) V453000 Download PSG #204

Psg206 SLH03.png
Invisible SLH An extremely compact hub using the technique called invisible because a big part of the hub is not visible at all - hidden in tunnels. V453000 Download PSG #206

Psg206 SLH02.png
Classic SLH A typical SLH with emphasis on system and order. V453000 Download PSG #206

Psg225 SLH04.png
Half-SLH A hub with one missing joiner. Main focus is the PBS -> 2way entry signal joiner which provides good choosing and minimum trains waiting at prios. V453000 Download PSG #225

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