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Stay in your line

The idea behind this concept is inspired on the US high-way's; which had this "rule" for the drivers to stay in your line, even when other lines go faster or not. I think this concept was based on the idea that switching lanes would slow down the traffic, and this is bad when the roads are heavily loaded.

In OTTD this translates to the following concept; The longer the distance the train has to travel the less "splits/merges" he will cross to continue his journey undisturbed. This could give some interesting ML construction, because trains have to chose the "right" ML in order to achieve this goal.

I added a picture to elaborate it a bit better :) (Concept design with 3 Levels)


Now we have 3 trains coming from the south Lv3 SLH

A) The first one have to go to A and should take the most inner lane, this will give him the fastest possibility to get there, without crossing splits and merges B) The second train takes the most outer lane because he has to go through the Lv1 SLH to get to B C) The last one is more interesting, because he has a choice; either taking the outer lane or the center lane. The train should take the center lane first and then switch to the outer lane at the Lv2 SLH to get to the Lv1 SLH and C


Coop World Cup

I am going to get the ball rolling here. I think we should have a coop world cup. This will work by setting up league tables, with 4 – 5 players in each table. Each person will play everyone in their table once. Each game will be 2 hours long exactly, and each game will have on referee. To win a game you get 3 points A draw (very rare only when it is too close to call) will give you one point A loss will give you no point. The top 2 from each table will continue to the knock out stages. Once again game will be 2 hours long. The winner will gain the title of coop world champion. And the contest will take place once every year. The ranking will be as follows. Winner Place (wins the final) Second Place (looses the Final) Third Place (wins the losers final) We could also have qualifying stage for these contests so that only the best player will participate. The top 3 of the last contest automatically qualify for the next tournament. You will need 8 groups of 4 – 5 players so we can have a fair sized tournament. Also all game will need to have an agreed time between all players Each game will have 1 ref and only 1 ref. No industry or cargo steeling.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
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