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These are templates as used by or based on those used by Wikipedia for auto categorising articles that require editing for various reasons, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Template_messages for full information.

Current available ones are
{{expand}} - {{expand|examples and additional citations|date=January 2022}}
{{expand-section}} - {{expand-section|examples and additional citations|date=January 2022}}
{{update}} - {{update|type=section}}
{{out of date}} - {{out of date|item in page|date=January 2022}}
{{obsolete}} - {{obsolete|item in page|new article title|date=January 2022}}
{{reqscreenshot}} - {{reqscreenshot|a description of the type of the image(s) requested}}
{{off-topic}} - {{off-topic|article}}
{{untested}} - {{untested|date=January 2022}}
{{untested-section}} - {{untested-section|date=January 2022}}
{{delete}} - {{delete|reason or comment|date=January 2022}}
{{beta}} - {{beta|date=January 2022}}

Adding these to a page will auto add that page to one of the following categories;
Category:Articles to be expanded
Category:All articles to be expanded
Category:Articles in need of updating
Category:Articles with out of date information
Category:All articles with out of date information
Category:Obsolete Articles
Category:Wiki cleanup
Category:All pages needing cleanup
Category:Screenshots requested
Category:Articles with off-topic sections
Category:Articles with fair play issues
Category:All articles with fair play issues
Category:Articles to be merged
Category:All articles to be merged
Category:Articles with untested data
Category:All articles with untested data
Category:Articles proposed for deletion
Category:All articles proposed for deletion
Category:Articles for beta software
Category:All articles for beta software

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