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5.0 Town Management

Towns can get pretty nasty in complex games; the could grow all over the map therefore avoiding or slowing down comprehensive building efforts. "Manage" cities in order to avoid that.

5.1 Cage Cities

A pretty harsh but sometimes necessary step is caging cities by buying up land all around it. This is especially necessary in locations where you are sure that there has to be a hub or large station later on. However, this approach may sometimes be not very welcome, just like an overdose of stationwalks are. If towns are not allowed to build roads, this is not an issue. Just do not build roads where you do not want houses.

5.2 Grow Cities

City growing is undoubtfully clever on passenger transport games. It may as well be clever in games implementing cargo concepts. If you grow a city within a border (see 5.1), you ensure that it will accept goods in the future as it does nowadays.

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