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My Person

Born: 1977, never too old for playing OTTD :)

Home: ch.gif,


Started playing TTD: Transport Tycoon (not deluxe) was my first PC Game (around 11 years), then played TTDPatch (4 Years ago) and now since 15 months OpenTTD

Joined #openttdcoop: 1 and a half year (check history)

Specialist on: dunno

Prefers: trying something new, low terraforming

My Drafts:

My Servers

They can be used for "high usage" games, every Admin of #openttdcoop has SSH Access here too.

ottd_info_ammler.ch_3999_en.png ottd_info_ammler.ch_3979_en.png ottd_info_ammler.ch_3980_en.png ottd_info_ammler.ch_3981_en.png ottd_info_ammler.ch_3982_en.png

My NewGRFs

GRFID prefix: 4D 47 ("MG") I do list here all GRFs I am working on or already released, so I have the IDs in control. ;-)

1. Nothing 1.0

Maybe the best NewGRF ever released. ;) GRF: nothing.grf Page: nothing.grf

2. Amden

under development

3. Aircraft Modificator 1.0 beta

should bring some challenge back :) GRF: airmod.grf NFO: airmod.nfo

this newgrf got some sequals: 03 Base Costs Mod versions < 5.0, 05 Base Costs Mod versions >= 5.0 (

4. Swiss Town Names

5. #openttdcoop NewGRF package Info GRF

6. Logic engine

Replaces Lev3 with max speed and power

7. French Town Names

8. Lumber Mill

Lumber Mill from tropic in every clima...

9. Old bridge

The 1. bridge is availabe since 1700 (obsolete due some new features in OpenTTD making earliest bridge available from game start on.)

A. ClosablePowerStation

B. Early Houses

C. OpenGFX

NewGRFs related to the free base grf.

D. Belarusian Town Names

E. Portuguese Town Names

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