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My Nick

it's pronounced [dai’hi: drəl] short: dih (pronounced [dai])

My Person

Born: 1982

Home: DE, Karlsruhe

Email: dih [at] openttdcoop [dot] org

Started playing TTD: '96 or '97 perhaps, TTD was part of some games pack, which i bought because i still had a 486 DX2 90MHz ...

Joined #openttdcoop: Ju(?:ne|ly) '07

#openttdcoop member since: today (31. Oct 2007 @ 23.02 CEST) with the words from Osai: "you are officially pimped... :D"

Specialist on: autopilot, ap+, avignon, OpenTTDLib, JJ, znc

Prefers: admin rights, op and source code

OpenTTD Related


A PHP5 app that queries games fetching as much data as the server allows (info, detail info, newgrf)
further details at

nice integration of OpenTTDLib in Wordpress2.x at


  • reoad config

this is a server side patch, and will reload the config file after closing down the network and generating a new map. this is useful when making use of the newgame console command, or the restart_game_year console variable. The patch adds a network variable 'network.reload_cfg' which if set to 1 (default:0) will enable this handling. any config file options are loaded, including server ip/port and newgrfs.
in trunk since r13341

  • client id in gui client list

written for #wwottdgd this made it easier on the admins. it basically makes the client list window a little wider and adds the clients id to that list. currently space for a 4 digit client id is reserved, which will get you to 9999 - little unlikely, but above 1k happened with our first #wwottdgd, so i was pretty happy to have that space there :-)

  • get/set company password

written for #wwottdgd adds a server only console command (company_pw) to get and set company passwords syntax: company_pw <company-id> [<password>] if <password> is omitted, currently set password is displayed if <password> is * the companies password will be removed

  • move clients in-game

origianlly written for #wwottdgd client side: 'join' button in company windows, 'spectate'|'new company' button in company list, console commands: join <company-id> [<password>], spectate
server side: console command: move <client-id> <company-id>, use 255 as company id to move a client to spectators (lovely when wanting to reset a company and letting the client watch :-P)
in trunk since r15242

  • server talks mauve

written for #wwottdgd as some servers are using autopilot's irc bridge, it is difficult to distinguish between spectators chatter and that from irc... this client side only patch basically changes the color of the chat lines originating from the server's client id (1) directly any other of the 16 colors can of course be used instead - just find out the correct values :-)


co-organizer and admin of ~ / AutoNightly

my wee little own server, upgrades every day at 20.40 CET to the next nightly release (or continues hosting the active game if no nightly is available), stats and details are available at (who would have guessed) in case of a crash - games automatically restart (loading the last save game) at minutes 0, 20 and 40 of every hour

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