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3-way BBHs
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JunctionaryMergerLL.png LL_RR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerLLL.png LLL_RRR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerLLLL.png LLLL_RRRR Hubs
JunctionaryMergerMore.png LLLL_RRRR+ Hubs
3-way BBHs
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Massive Backbone Hubs (what is that?)
Date Screenshot Specification Description Creator additional
Psg115 bbh04.png
Little balancing A nice looking hub which did not need too much of balancing and still worked which is quite ubelievable with 5 lines. Mark, Chris_Booth Download PSG #115

219 bbh04.png
Balanced A massive hub with 4 lines in two directions and 5 lines in the third direction. It was upgraded and improved multiple times. Vinnie, V453000, mfb and others Download PSG #219

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