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The #openttdcoop Tutorial Savegame

After some 2+ years of #openttdcoop we felt like we had to do a compilation of key-points from our games. Some of our well-known guides are a nice peek into the world of #openttdcoop but by any means not enough to tell our readers WHY we build weird structures such as Load Balancers or Sideline Hubs. Most important in order to understand these constructs is seeing them in action. As a result of our considerations we hereby supply a tutorial savegame to every interested reader.

The savegame itself is located [Image:Tutorial.sav|>>HERE<<]

How to use this savegame

Open your signlist

Open the signlist. The signlist is probably the most important feature of OpenTTD to our community since we are using signs a lot to guide people around and mark points of interest. If you click on a sign in the list, the client directs you straight to this point. We classified the topics within the tutorial in five headers:

  1. Mainline
  2. Sideline
  3. Stations
  4. Feeder
  5. Town Management

With reference to this signs ingame we dedicate the next pages to explain our ideas with the refered constructs and concepts; we try to give you an idea of our thinking; in the end you're through a crashcourse straight into the depths of knowledge around #openttdcoop.

If you feel impressed by a lot of signaling and lots of traffic, don't hesitate joining our Public Server. Its not that difficult as one could expect. Furthermore, cooperation helps you getting fancy with the very depths of this game. This tutorial savegame is just a good point to start at.

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