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List of Proposals + Roadmap

The following STYLES are available:

unclaimed | claimed | wip | converted | checked | checked2 | done

The List
Proposals Reason Remarks Status
All things related to Town management EXCEPT funding new buildings they are unfair, easy manipulation of station rating Patch by TrueLight Done!
Roadvehicles, Ships, Planes not allowed due to easiness and imbalanced income, stealing of goods First of all we will look how the game works with trains only! Balancing in the future
Better Teamchat functions Communication is difficult in OTTD Patch by JohnK & Osai Needs extensions for better chat
Spectators are not allowed to chat with Players Needed for Tournament games etc We need to introduce different game modes basic restrictions are done
Limiting the Buy-Land-Tool unfair, Players could block all areas Osai's proposal: only 20tiles per Cityarea buyable Unclaimed
Develop new Game Modes - - Unclaimed
Multiplayer Lobby/Chat/Authentication - CentralisedAuthentication Unclaimed

Fast written Remarks to save them

  • Jinx: the todoboard will need items, subitems, possibility for multiple bookmarks
    • Jinx: actually... visible signs is handy sometimes if people want to show you something. and is obligatory if you want coop to be fair ( to show areas where other team needs to adapt)
    • Jinx: but a private team-based todo list is a good step as an extra to signs
  • Osai: a screen for the final results (Screenshot)

Different game modes like: Simulation (the standard), Coopetition (Tournament Mode), Head-To-Head, Deathmatch (hostile takeover)

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