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The guides section shall give you an overview about the way of gaming in #openttdcoop games. We hope to have answers to most of your questions.

The #openttdcoop Glossary

If you are new to #openttdcoop (or an old member and having a bad memory) you should look at the #openttdcoop Glossary to have a look at the expressions we created during our careers.

An illustrated guide to proper building

To help our new members and for reference, we have written a number of guides that will help you to understand how our games work. It is recommended that you read them in the order listed below.

A Presignal Guide

A guide for newbies, about presignals. But not only for beginners, there is a lot complex things to do with presignals. If you know how the presignals works, you should skip the "basics" Part.

Altering the world around you

If you want to cooperate in a efficient way you have to formulate some very basic rules. These rules are concerning both building styles and communication issues. They are neither very strict, nor associated with consequences; so do not fear them, just follow them as our very basic guidelines.

Tutorial Savegame

A very good point for Beginners to start at. Shows some main ideas which help building an efficient network.


An explanation of what a moneymaker is, its purpose and how to build one.


An illustrated guide describing goals and key elements of planing stage of coop-game.

Guides Overview

A list of all the Guides included in our Guide Category.

A very short Guide to Cooperation

How to coordinate the work of many players in one company.

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