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Active Members of #openttdcoop [19]

  • Ammler ch.gif, the one who dances with the newgrfs *
  • dwarf us.gif, big brainmelt comes in small packages!
  • Hylje fi.gif, the silent guy always and never around.
  • Jam35 uk.gif, who?
  • KenjiE20 uk.gif, the master of puppets, pulling your strings *
  • LoPo nl.gif, the guy who does random shit.
  • Maraxus dk.gif
  • Mark nl.gif, occasional world traveler
  • Mazur nl.gif, the senile one, who know nothing, no-thing! *
  • planetmaker de.gif, Make(file), newgrfs and patches *
  • ^Spike^ nl.gif, the last Dutchy *
  • StarLite nl.gif master of the magic roundabout that everybody fears ;-)
  • Sylf us.gif, the oblivious, always getting into troubles
  • Taede uk.gif, the Dutchy that decided to live in Scotland *
  • tneo nl.gif, the spelling angel *
  • V453000 cz.gif, are you NUTS?
  • Vinnie nl.gif, still needing a proper description here
  • XeryusTC nl.gif, Rebellous doing-stuff-differently-from-convention type of guy *
  • Tjeerd556 nl.gif, The Dutch guy live in Antwerp.

Note: * Admins have shell access to our servers, all others have rcon access

Honorary Members of #openttdcoop [3]

  • Brianetta uk.gif (our amiable host who is responsible for making #openttdcoop to such a vital community it is today) *
  • Phoenix the II nl.gif (our host for the most busy PublicServer, thanks to him, we don't need to finish a game, because of the server limits.)
  • TrueLight nl.gif (for being a bugfixer over ... a long time ;-) )

Currently Inactive Members of #openttdcoop [20]

  • Adm.Spock nl.gif still too busy with other things in life, but "I'll be back"!
  • Combuster nl.gif joins and parts the whole day *
  • dihedral de.gif
  • dp de.gif
  • e1ko cz.gif
  • Guru3 se.gif
  • Kommer nl.gif, we lost his exclusive love to openttd
  • mfb de.gif, always wants to try something new
  • Mucht at.gif, the oldie who controlls our community from background.*
  • ODM nl.gif, the innocent black lamb of #openttdcoop *
  • Osai de.gif, doctor of the web and autopilot, who can hit back, if needed *
  • ottd-king uk.gif
  • Phazorx iru.gif, what does a communist in the tycoon world?
  • Piratejerk ca.gif
  • Progman de.gif, builds bigger networks on his Pentium2 at home, than 20 members on publicserver. *
  • SmatZ cz.gif, pest-controller on all levels of OpenTTD(coop) *
  • thgergo hu.gif, the one who builds bridges
  • Thraxian us.gif, makes some little members
  • uliko se.gif, omnipresent
  • valhallasw nl.gif, BOFH, Wiki-god and mainly werkloos *
  • xahodo nl.gif

The usual suspects around the Public Server (add yourself)




And of course all the others above!

Exsuspects & retired members

If you are on the ex-suspects list and you start playing again, please move yourself up to the suspects list ! If you are still active and on the ex-suspects list, sorry for the moving :) we sometimes cannot find an IRC log of you while you are still active


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