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Personal information

Hi, I'm me. :-P

Seriously, I'm Christoffer "Stoffe" Holmström, and I'm from Göteborg, Sweden.

Born: 1984-10-14

Home: Göteborg, Sweden

Email: openttdcoop [at] christofferholmstrom [dot] com

Started playing TTD: I've been playing TT in its various incarnations since it first came out (not TT Deluxe, the original one!), the last years mainly with TTDPatch. When I got a new computer I had to get it again, and that's when I found out that OpenTTD actually had matured quite a bit, so I switched.

Joined #openttdcoop: Just recently (August 2007)

Specialist on: Improve, upgrade and add - you be the judge if "specialist" applies, I don't think so - but it's what I do best.

Prefers: Low terraforming, new challenges, crazy stuff

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