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Born: July 21, 1981

Home: Colorado, USA us.gif

Occupation: Welder

Started playing TTD: TTD: 2007 OTTD: late 2007

Joined #openttdcoop: PSG #97 PZ: 8/08

Prefers: low teraform (or at least blending what is done into surrounding environment), cargo games, efficiency

Weakness: building for PAX & mail traffic, large straight through entries/exits (where trains enter and exit in the same orientation vs making a 90 degree turn)

Likes: Rebuilding trouble spots, network tweaks

Dislikes: Evil-X's, eyesore teraform, long walks, overbuilding, using PBS just because you can, arbitrary waiting spaces, random sillyness such as building a mountain and covering it with track because you're bored

Bi-Directional Ro-Ro stations

Joiner Concept

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