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Personal Info

I've been playing OTTD for years, played on coop servers quite a few years ago (2006-2007) (as MrMouthy didn't do anything significant :P) and then stopped playing OTTD, after about 2 years I came back, changed my username and decided to improve my building.

Have learned a whole lot of shizz on the coop servers that I couldn't forget even if i tried. :D

Location: UK (London, England) uk.gif

Real Name: David Greenaway

Favorite Fruit: Melons

Prefers: NEAT/CLEAN and mostly realistic networks that are also functional (which is where my TF addiction comes from :P), fast trains, I do also like to try and learn new things.

Hates: Messy networks, TF restriction, people who build tracks over 1 tiles bumps/dips in the landscape, slow trains, slow people.

Good at: Well I think making nice looking hubs and stations.

PRO since 2011

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